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Naturopathic Medicne

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Naturopathic Medicine

A holistic and natural approach for your healthcare needs.

Wise Woman Program

A comprehensive hybrid of an online program and 1:1 consultations to help you build the foundations of health and implement a treatment plan tailored to you

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Natural Fertility Treatments

We offer many natural treatments that may help you increase your chances of conception.

Energy Healing

Reiki and Energy Healing offers a chance to heal on a deep, energetic level, encouraging self-healing

Birth Doula

Continuous birth support from a seasoned Doula (and Naturopath) may help you feel more empowered and calm during your labour and delivery

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Immune Health

Your immune system not only fights infections but it can also be out of balance, creating arthritis, allergies and autoimmune disorders 

Women's Health

We treat specific conditions that many women suffer with including PCOS, Menopause, PMS and much more...

Blood Test

Lab Testing

We offer many forms of testing to help us understand your full health story and the root cause of your symptoms. 


Our digestion is truly the hub of our health. Naturopathic Medicine has a lot to offer digestive issues. 


Our Reiki Master, Jo Tucker, offers this deeply relaxing and healing treatment to help you move through physical, mental or emotional challenges.

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Holistic Nutrition

Holistic nutrition is the practice of rebalancing and looking at the root cause of any disease, pain, illness or discomfort in the body through food, movement and mindset. 

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