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We are Naturopathic Doctors providing Hybrid in-person and virtual healthcare

Our Healing House team sees clients who initially come to us suffering from a certain symptom or want to reach a certain health goal.  We appreciate that suffering is not a great place to be, and we also want to emphasize that symptoms are your body’s way of getting your attention. By listening deeply to your story, we can begin to see the big picture.  Working together, you and your practitioner can unravel the mystery of what is holding you back from your greatest potential.


Naturopathic medicine pulls from many different healing modalities (nutrition, acupuncture, herbal medicine, homeopathic medicines, mind-body counselling) to help guide you toward feeling your best. 


Using natural healing treatments, the team at Healing House offers you a collaborative approach to treating disease and maintaining health.  Healing House is an integrative health clinic, close to downtown Ottawa, offering you excellent treatment either in-person or virtually.  Our mission is to guide you towards your best self with professionalism and compassion.



There are many integrative health clinics to choose from in Ottawa and Ontario and it’s important to find one that fits with your needs. Our team at Healing House enjoys working with clients who are dedicated to improving their health from the inside out. We listen deeply, give you honest answers about what we can and cannot treat and allow the process of healing to take place naturally.  We honour the amazing ability of your body to heal itself.


Our philosophy is rooted in our deep respect for nature and the ability of our body, mind and spirit to influence one another.  Clients occasionally seek treatment by asking ‘which supplement can I take for this?’ Although we don’t see anything necessarily wrong with this approach, we do not rely exclusively on supplements to stimulate healing and vitality.  Our practitioners have come to realize after many years of experience that true and deep healing is often based on stimulating your innate healing ability. The treatment you will be offered is gentle, removes obstacles and releases stuck blockages that may be holding you back from experiencing your true potential.


Healing House gives you the opportunity to come home to your natural state of wellness.

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