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Energy Healing

While each session is unique and customized to each client, a healing session can consist of energy healing, and/or journeying. Journeying allows us to enter a trance-like state to identify core issues, restore lost pieces of the self, heal abusive or self-sabotaging parts of ourselves, get direction or clarity, heal karma or past lives, find spirit guides for support, claim our power back, and more.

These services are focused on ensuring you are healing all aspects of your health are addressed as they are all connected - Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual. When you connect for your appointment, your practitioner will begin each session by understanding the issue that you would like to address. Once this is done, you will either lie down at home or sit comfortably in a chair as you are and begin the energy healing and/or journeying. The basic concept of energy healing rests on the principle that we are essentially energy, and our practitioners work to establish health and balance in your energy field and nervous system. . Once the session is complete your practitioner will speak with you about follow-up steps for integration.


Your healing session can take place over our secure telemedicine software or in person. If you choose an online appointment, at the time of your appointment, simply click the link and your session will begin. We recommend that you find a space in your home that is private, relatively quiet and comfortable. 

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