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Do you believe that PMS, weight gain and exhaustion is just a part of life after a certain age?

It doesn't have to be that way.

Stressed Woman

I see you

Tired. Too tired to even read this.

PMS taking away control over your life.

Not sleeping.


Frustrated that you are trying to be healthy but nothing is changing.

Want help?

Ready to feel in control of your body and health, understand WHY you feel unwell and what you can do about it?

Wise women know themselves, their bodies and when they harness their innate power, create a beautiful world.

Time and again, I work with women who either don't fully understand their bodies or have asked for support but are only given the option to suppress their reproductive rhythm. 

There are other ways to support hormones, feel alive and deeply connected to your body and it's amazing flowing and intuitive senses.

This program is for you if you are...

Over 30 years old and menstruating

Want to understand your hormones and why you experience hormonal fluctuations and symptoms throughout the month. 

Struggle with PMS, irregular mensuration and/or painful periods

Feel tired, overwhelmed and would like more vitality

Are willing to create new lifestyle, nutrition and mindset practices in order to feel amazing. 

Struggling with mood swings or generalized depression and/or anxiety.

Have an intuitive feeling that honouring your body's wisdom and ability to heal itself and create healthy hormonal balance is the pathway towards optimal aliveness. 

Yearn for a community of other women who also want to feel deep compassion for themselves while they learn about their bodies, work on mindset and take back their aliveness in order to do what they came here to do. 

What is included in the Wise Woman Program?


Understand your cycle with  customized lab  testing and educational videos

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A group environment to grow and evolve with, make new friends and share your journey

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Natural therapies

Incorporate natural treatments, nutrition and lifestyle changes that will optimize your health

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Address the underlying mindset shifts needed to encourage healthy habits  that allow you to flourish

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Hey! I'm Dr. Jada, Naturopath and I created this program because it's what I needed!


I get it. I've been there.

After 10 years of working as a Naturopathic Doctor and working myself into a frenzy of people-pleasing and putting my needs and health last, I hit a wall. 

My body started to talk and I didn't listen at first. My weight started creeping up and the cycle began of feeling shame, not moving my body as much, sitting more and resorting to mindless eating. 

Hormonally I was dealing with irregular periods, extreme fatigue and moods that would change on a dime - from depression to anxiety. I saw my doctor but the only solution they had was the birth control pill or anti-depressants. Both of which I was open to taking but I also knew that there was more going on at a deeper, root level that I needed to address. 

My body was in constant pain, I felt 'puffy' and I just decided to stop buying jeans and resort to stretchy everything so that I could hide from my issues. 

I suffered for many years doing this until finally the emotional drain of showing up for clients every day and being their cheerleader in their health but ignoring my own health caught up with me. 

I had take a knee so to speak. I needed to get real with myself and look at all the reasons I had ignored myself. I did a deep-dive into healing my mind, my body and my spirit. 

Years later, I've put together this program to help you understand what's going on under the hood when it comes to hormones and how a life spent over-working, over-whelmed and ignoring our needs can lead to issues with weight, periods, energy and mood. 

The Wise Woman Program


Step 1

You have a 1:1 Consultation with one of our Naturopathic Doctors. We listen deeply to your individual symptoms, your specific struggles and health goals. 

Lab testing is ordered (or retrieved from another health professional if already done)

Step 2

You begin receiving the weekly educational videos and accompanying homework to begin the journey of understanding your hormones and nutritional and lifestyle changes to bring you naturally into balance. 

Step 3

Once a month, you and the group will meet online and we discuss different themes coming up for the group, a Q&A with Dr. Jada ND and a group healing meditation. 

Step 4

You have your second 1:1 appointment with our Naturopathic Doctor and the individualized treatment portion of the program begins! This can include herbal supports, specific nutritional changes, supplementation and mindset homework that is unique to you.

Step 5

Over the course of the 6 months in the program, you integrate the homework, individualized treatments and show up for the live group events in order to fully understand what you can do to gain hormonal balance, get support and feel your best!

Step 6

After 4-5 months in the program, you have a follow-up 1:1 appointment with your Naturopathic Doctor. This appointment gives you both a chance to review how you have progressed and to adjust your individualized plan as necessary. We review any follow-up lab testing and create a longer-term plan. 

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