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Naturopathic Medicine for improved digestive health 

The Naturopathic doctors at Healing House can help to support your digestive system health in a number of ways. Your digestive system is quite literally the hub of your health. The entire tube that is your 'guts' has an effect on almost all other systems in your body: hormones, mood, immune function and skin just to name a few.


The microbiome that lives inside of your 27 feet of intestines plays a role in balancing many hormones, detoxification, immune balance and nutrient absorption. How you are breaking food down and absorbing nutrients is an important piece to consider, and can be affected by low-grade inflammation, stomach acid/enzyme levels and, no surprise, stress.


Many clients come to see us after years of struggling with digestive issues. Sometimes it's an annoying cluster of symptoms (gas, bloating, slight daily discomfort) and other times it's severe, already diagnosed disorders such as crohn's disease, IBS or ulcerative colitis. In each case, we take a very thorough health history and do investigative work to understand the WHY.  


Uncover the cause.

Our Naturopaths can order blood tests, stool tests and SIBO breath tests to accurately detect any underlying causes of your digestive issues. We often assess test results done by your medical doctor or specialist in order to understand the full picture. We put this objective information together with your story and health history to come to a reasonable conclusion as to what may be contributing to your symptoms.


Individualized treatment.

Each body can need a very different treatment approach depending on what may be causing your symptoms, as well as other factors. We treat you as a person, not as a disease. We see your whole, unique situation and background and piece together a plan that is manageable and targeted to what your body is asking for. 


Natural and safe.

Using the minimum treatments needed, your plan will gently balance your immunological system and create better health overall.





Irritable bowel syndrome is often the result of underlying issues with the functionality and ecology of the intestines.


Do you look 7 months pregnant at the end of the day? There's likely a reason for this that can be addressed naturally.


Inflammatory bowel disease (crohn's, colitis) responds well to natural treatments alongside your GI specialist suggestions


Small intestine bacterial overgrowth can cause many irritating digestive symptoms including diarrhea/constipation

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