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Staying Well Over The Holidays

The holiday season is upon us once again! At this time of the year, I often find myself

reflecting on another year gone by, and it never ceases to amaze me how fast time flies!

The holiday season is an exciting time of the year, but also one that may bring with it a

certain amount of stress. Here are some of my favourite tips to stay well, in body and

mind, over the holidays.

Avoid the bug! Airports, shopping malls, and family gatherings are the perfect places to catch that seasonal bug you’ve been trying to avoid. Washing your hands with soap and

warm water is one of the best preventative measures to avoid getting sick.

Strengthening your immune system can be as easy as incorporating lots of fruits and

veggies into your diet, avoiding refined sugars, and ensuring a good quantity and quality

of sleep. Other methods of boosting the immune system may involve supplementing

with good quality botanicals, incorporating hydrotherapy into your daily routine, or

optimizing your diet. Speak to your naturopathic doctor about the perfect, individualized

plan for you!

Exercise! Don’t let your exercise routine fall by the wayside just because the holidays

are here! Moving your body, be it walking, going to the gym, or your favorite winter

activity, is one of the best ways to stay well and reduce stress. Exercise releases

endorphins, which provides the perfect little boost during busy and stressful times. It

also works wonders to boost the immune system, energize the body, and clear the


Superfoods! Indulging in too many sweets can be an easy thing to do at this time of the

year! However, consuming large amounts of sugary treats may depress the immune

system, making it easier to become sick. The sugar content in recipes can often be

reduced, while still maintaining a sweet taste to the finished product. Also, consider

altering classic recipes to include superfoods such as avocado, nuts, dark chocolate,

and berries.

Practice Mindfulness! One of my favourite ways to really bask in the enjoyment of the holidays, is to practice mindfulness. Mindfulness involves being in a state of active,

open attention to the present. It involves acknowledging and accepting thoughts and

feelings, whether they be of happiness, gratitude, frustration or stress! By

acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, without judgement, it allows for a greater

sense of control over any situation one may be presented with. One simple technique

which can be done as you go about your daily activities, is to focus on your breathing.

Breathe from your abdomen rather than from your chest, inhaling deeply from your nose

and exhaling fully your mouth. Focusing on the sound and rhythm of your breath can

have a calming effect and help you stay grounded in the present moment.

Happy Holidays!

Be well,


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