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Is your fertility journey causing you stress? Reflexology to the rescue!

Welcoming a nourishing flow of energy, the body awakened itself to its beautiful fruitfulness.

Talking motherhood and conception lately has got me reflecting alot about the very individual experiences women can have in their journey in fertility. Out of many scenarios and possibilities of why conception can be easier for some and not as much for others - one thing that commonly sheds a bit of light is really looking at how complex the effects of stress can be and how heavily they weigh on our bodies. How heavily these effects weigh on our whole selves.

The part that's sometimes tricky to deal with, is how to heal the outcomes of stress we can't even see. Some signs of stress are totally obvious but others often only manifest in our subtle inner-workings.

What Reflexology creates within the body is, in essence, a type of energetic 'reset'.

A kickstart to the restorative abilities our bodies all hold, it actually helps us tap into our own self-healing. Reflex points mirror every part of ourselves.

During treatment, these points are activated. By releasing where the energy is stuck, we welcome a healthy and nurturing stream of energy. Slow and steady. Reflexology can shift attitude and body chemistry - it has a really amazing impact on the endocrine system. As the cortisol levels decrease and the stress hormones are balanced, we develop a restored sense of centeredness. This is the place where the body and mind can just be. Where we can rest free of struggle and overwhelment.

Relaxed, grounded and breathing deeply. Where our systems re-learn to function at the pace that matches the vibration of renewal. This is the place Reflexology can assist you in connecting with during your journey in fertility.

As self-care during pre-conception and/or in preparation for fertility treatments, there are many beautiful examples out there about the benefits Reflexology provides. I loved going through articles I've come across lately, recognizing positive benefits of treatments for women trying to conceive and lovely success stories from fellow Reflexologists from around the globe. If you're curious to read more, I will link a couple of those articles for you here, at the bottom of this post.

Keep in mind, everyone is different, and not every type of care will be fitting for you. What's important to remember in choosing to receive any kind of treatment, is to engage in the type of care you feel good about. Getting to connect with yourself, to let go and recharge, definitely has its wonderful benefits! It can be a process to get there and for me, making the experience as smooth as possible while nurturing the soul along the way is what it's all about.

I've put together a package I feel offers a strong base in assisting you, by meeting you wherever you're at in your pre-conception journey and helping you ease into a more deeply restored and reinvigorated version of yourself.

Reflexology : Treatment Blitz

Book 4 One Hour Reflexology Treatments (reg. $75 each) for $275

For reserving a series of sessions, I'm offering a discounted price and the window to schedule your treatment blitz ahead of time. Working within a one to fourth month timeframe, we can look at the pace of bookings together – setting up a system that would be most beneficial to you. If you have any questions, you're invited to come by for 15 minute consultation at the healing space, at no charge – to chat with me to see if this is for you! (You can schedule this little meet and greet at any time right through our booking site here.)

Send me an email if you have any questions!

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