Energy Balancing Treatment w/ full Foot Reflexology


Encouraging a healthy energy flow aimed to nurture and awaken your body’s ownself-healing abilities, Emilie's treatments promote deep relaxation allowing the body to fully slow down and re-calibrate, easing into the journey of cultivating balance within.


Emilie's approach in Energy Balancing integrates Relaxation Massage, Aromatherapy and Reiki to balance and nourish your energy field and body. Releasing energy meridians along the head, face, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, legs and feet with a custom blend of essential oils. This treatment is offered as a full pampering experience, under cozy linens on a heated massage table. Offer yourself a nourishing experience in self-care: a sacred ritual in your honour, inviting you to release, reset and receive nurturing care.


What is Reflexology?


This holistic treatment is based on the idea that reflex points located in the feet, head and hands mirror and energetically relate to all parts of the body. Part of the main benefits of manually activating these reflex (pressure) points is the triggering of our parasympathetic system which releases the body of any overloaded energy allowing it to rest and repair itself and reach homeostasis.


The objective of Reflexology is to normalize and balance the body, to improve circulation and to release stress and tension by clearing energy blockages. A deeply restorative treatment, its benefits can also include : pain relief, migraine and headache control, improved sleep patterns and digestion, increased energy, reduced symptoms of anxiety and increased emotional balance.


Helping us feel better, it assists the body's natural defense against illness by reconnecting with our own self-healing abilities. Activating a healthy energetic flow works towards balancing all systems and organs so together they can perform to their full potential.



The aromas of plant and flower essences are known for their direct influence on the brain through the olfactory system, inducing responses from the psychological and endocrine systems. The use of essential oils during a Reflexology treatment serves as a type of vibrational support in reaching a state of balance.

Before each Energy Balancing Treatment session, a subtle blend of pure essential oils mixed into fractionnated coconut oil is prepared based on your personal vibration.  Some oils are excellent in their calming and grounding properties as others are wonderfully stimulating. Working with a pendulum to select the oils, the blend is completely unique to you and will change depending of where you're at or what your needs are. Completing this ritual raises the vibrational resonance, providing a completely personalized self-care element to the treatment, allowing us to pinpoint exactly what your body needs energetically to help it step into well-being.

Your blend is then used with light massage during the treatment, while connecting with the reflex points on the head, hands and feet. Through inhalation and skin absorption, the oils can enhance your mood, calm your spirit and rejuventate and uplift your senses helping you release stress and tap into inner happiness.


The essence of this ancient Eastern Energy Healing modality is the channelling of universal life energy through the practitionner`s hands.  Receiving Reiki is like a direct stream of nurturing light flowing through the body, cleansing blockages and brining vitality where it is needed. Reiki helps to activate the body's own natural healing process and restores physical and emotional wellbeing. Generally the experience is so peaceful it can even be sleep inducing! Integrated in Emilie`s Energy Balancing Treatment, Reiki assists in balancing the energy centers (chakras)  and promotes a feeling of receiving loving ease into our  bodies.



Energy Balancing Treatment w/ full Foot Reflexology   $105+HST / 75 minute treatment

Accepting cash, cheque and credit.