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Radiant beauty one day at a time

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as they say, and I find that radiating inner beauty is what most of my clients are aiming for. Feeling confident in your skin, feeling full of life and vitality, and radiating peace and love are some of the ways that we can light up from the inside out.

Some of the ways that we create radient beauty from the inside out is to be mindful of how we feed our cells. Each cell in our body is created from the building blocks of our food and it makes sense that by eating lively food, we also exude liveliness. Choosing foods that have gathered up the energy from the sun and are fresh and full of colour gives us that energy when we consume it. I like to imagining that by eating lots of fresh, crispy, brightly coloured foods, I am building skin, hair and nails that will shine with strength and vitality.

Once we actually consume these wonderfully nourishing foods, they need to be assimilated properly through our digestive tract. If we are 'clogged' up with debris from eating highly processed foods, oily and greasy foods, the nutritents are blocked from really being absorbed. It is so important to ensure you are purifying and absorbing the foods you eat via your digestive jucies and enzymes. This happens at the level of the intestinal lining and, therefore, we need to ensure we are unclogged and brushed clean with fiber!

Adequate amounts of clean water are also needed to flush out debris in our body. If you can imagine your water stores as a deep, clear pool of water. If you replace this water on a daily basis with fresh, clean water, it will create a wonderfully healthy looking pool of water. Sparkling and inviting. If this water becomes stagnat, and its not flushed out each day, you can imagine how it would look. Dirty, murky and many blooms of algae and bacteria would grow constantly. Ensure you are drinking enough water to have clear and light urination throughout the day. If you find that your urine is darkly coloured, changes are you are not flushing out your water stores adequately and this will lead to dull looking skin, hair and vitality.

There is so much more to creating radiate beauty on a daily basis! Contact Dr. Jada or book an appointment to create a plan for you!

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