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Naturopathic Fertility Care

3 Core Areas of Focus

Pre-conception Fertility Support:

Our naturopaths suggests giving yourself 12 weeks to help support health and hormones in order to create the most fertile supportive environment.  During this 3 month period, egg quality and sperm health can be optimized as well as ensuring adequate hormone balance, nutritional status.  Lifestyle changes can be implemented to help support low-stress for optimal ovulation and implantation. 

Fertility Support 

If you have been trying to conceive without success, our Naturopaths can help you in supporting your cycle, encourage healthy ovulation and implantation for a healthy pregnancy. Different therapies are used to support healthy follicle development, uterine lining health as well as making sure that blood flow to the reproductive organs is robust in order to grow and release a healthy egg during ovulation. 

Pregnancy Support:

Once you conceive, there are certain protocols we can use to help ensure a healthy pregnancy, prevent miscarriage and create the most ideal pregnancy experience. Many women are contending with morning sickness, constipation or fatigue and want to ensure that they are doing everything they can to ensure a healthy pregnancy. 

Closer to the last trimester, our Naturopaths walk you through ways to prepare for labour and for post-partum supports so that you can ease into your 4th trimester feeling ready and healthy. 

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