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Guided Meditations

Prenatal Surrender

Follow Dr. Jada, ND through a 15 minute guided meditation to help you connect to your breath, root down into Mother Earth and practice surrendering yourself to the cosmic waves of life, birth and Motherhood.

For anyone who is currently pregnant and wanting to lower stress while mentally and emotionally prepare for labour.

Ground and Anchor 

This is a 20-minute meditation to allow you to take all of the anxious and scattered energy you may be feeling and ground it down into the Earth.


Get Unstuck

This is a 20-minute meditation to allow you to release all of the people you've been energetically carrying, if only for 23 mins. This meditation is for anyone who has been feeling heavy and stuck and needs to release the old patterns keeping them there.  


Online Store

Your Naturopathic Doctor will send you a prescription for herbal or vitamin/mineral supports.

To re-fill if appropriate, just log into Fullscript and place your order. 

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