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Jo's healing philosophy begins with understanding that we are all truly whole and complete. Through the use of reiki and her intuitive gifts, Jo works with women to exfoliate their old stories and guides them back to their natural state of wholeness. 


Reiki is a healing touch modality based on the belief that, through specific attunements, a practitioner can channel energy into the patient through an interconnected exchange, restoring them to their natural state of wellness. For Jo, reiki is like a warm cup of tea for the soul. Originating in Japan, this gentle yet powerful healing modality moves through your auric, emotional, mental and physical bodies to rebalance and restore vital energetic flow. Commonly used to treat physical and emotional dis-ease, Reiki also transcends the limits of time and space, reiki can be used to heal old wounds and patterns that keep us stuck and in pain. Reiki energy is said to be of Divine Intelligence, moving ki (chi) to the exact location required for healing. As Reiki moves through your system, it gently removes blockages and cleanses + renews the energetic flow that sustains our well-being.


Throughout a Reiki session with Jo, you can expect to feel flooded with warm, white light and an enduring sense of deep relaxation. In the end, she will share any insights that emerged throughout treatment and provide you with applicable complementary practices you can take home with you to supplement the healing. 


Reiki has long been a part of Jo's life and in fact, was her first step on her own healing. After years of experiencing its powerful benefits first-hand, she started her Reiki training in 2008 in Montreal, and continued when she moved to Ottawa in 2010. While not bathing in the light of Reiki at Healing House, Jo is a Certified Life Coach + Desire Map Facilitator. She provides one on one support to women looking to achieve a state of soulful connection, love, and freedom in their lives. To learn more about her services and upcoming workshops, check out


95$ / 1 hour session


Price includes HST.

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