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“He who holds the problem, always holds the solution” 

Kelsey Acorn, 

Breathwork Practitioner

Kelsey Acron, Breathwork Practitioner

Kelsey is a passionate wellness practitioner and advocate with a specific specialty in the healing tool known as breathwork. A graduate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as a Certified Integrative Health Coach. A Reiki Practitioner through the Usui Lineage, and lastly a Breathwork Facilitator certified through Clarity Breathwork. Let Kelsey guide and support you through a safe, sacred space uncovering negative thought patterns and welcoming in new beginnings. Connect back to your higher self and find your purpose, dharma, passions, and IKIGAI.

The breathing techniques that Kelsey uses with her clients are connected and circular. Enthusiastic inhales followed by gentle exhales. Each session is uniquely tailored to her client’s specific needs and styles. These processes stimulate both the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems cleansing the vagus nerve and rewiring neurological pathways in the brain. Breath sessions have many powerful benefits but releasing conscious and unconscious traumas is the most sought after among clients. By removing physical and emotional traumas you invite a healthy, new, and more conscious way of living!

Kelsey became a dedicated Breathwork practitioner after embarking on her own healing journey during a plant medicine retreat in Costa Rica. Since then, she has devoted her time to sharing the practice with as many souls as she can. By incorporating Breathwork into your wellness routines you can speed up your healing process at the cellular level. Think of it as a deep tissue detoxification. 

Let Kelsey introduce herself with a complimentary consultation. Once you both decide you are a great match, every session after is 2 hours long. Kelsey takes a slow and steady approach to healing. Breath sessions cannot be a one-and-done fix. Kelsey will listen, guide, and support you in a safe, loving space. Allowing you to integrate through whatever may come at that time. Together you can uncover deep wounds from birth, childhood, past lives, relationships and so much more! Kelsey incorporates Hakomi training and somatic experiencing in her sessions as well as the breath itself. 

Please feel free to learn more about her offerings on her personal website, or learn more by emailing Healing House today. 

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