It is truly her mission to empower her clients to fully know and trust themselves, awakening their inherent wisdom.

Jo Tucker, Reiki Master

Jo Tucker, Reiki Master

Reiki has long been a part of Jo's life and in fact, was her first step on her own healing. After years of experiencing its powerful benefits first-hand, she started her Reiki training in 2008 in Montreal, and continued when she moved to Ottawa in 2010. Jo's approach to Reiki follows the Usui lineage and she has been practicing distance and in-person Reiki for over 5 years. In addition to her traditional training, she has also received Holographic Usui Reiki training, and tends to take an unconventional approach to treatment, and life.  


Jo is known for her intuitive healing and tends to follow her intuition in treatment, often receiving auditory and visual cues highlighting the area in need of sacred care.  She prefers an interactive approach, sharing details of the treatment with clients in order to connect the energetic dots to the patient's lived experience, enhancing the benefits of treatment. 


Jo finds Reiki to be particularly powerful as a remover of obstacles. She has seen Reiki work wonders in releasing old emotions and creating new pathways that support living a joy-filled life. Jo has worked with a variety of clients on a variety of issues, some of which include: attaining clarity in life transitions, managing chronic illness + pain, increasing energy + confidence, and reducing stress + anxiety.


Jo believes that all bodies were created with the power to heal themselves back to a state of wholeness, and in addition to providing hands-on treatment, she provides supportive complimentary techniques to be used at home with ease. It is truly her mission to empower her clients to fully know and trust themselves, awakening their inherent wisdom. Her deepest intention is to provide her clients with the ability to live a full life, regardless of their current circumstances. She is deeply moved and inspired to witness the women around her move deeper and deeper into the life they've always wanted. 

​While not bathing in the light of Reiki at Healing House, Jo is a Certified Life Coach + Desire Map Facilitator. She provides one on one support to women looking to achieve a state of soulful connection, love, and freedom in their lives. To learn more about her services and upcoming workshops, check out