the main benefits of manually activating these reflex (pressure) points is the triggering of our parasympathetic system which releases the body of any overloaded energy allowing it to rest and repair itself.

Emilie Gauthier, Reflexologist

Emilie's Bio

Embracing a down-to-earth approach to energy healing, Emilie’s joie de vivre also shines through her practice as a Reflexologist. Originating from Northern Ontario, appreciating the little things and a slower-paced lifestyle developed her respect for nature and her ability to connect with people which has definitely helped shape the sense of relate-ability and ease that is brought forward in her treatment sessions. Incorporating traditional Reflexology with the energy balancing techniques of Reiki, she is honoured to now have been of service through her practice for over 8 years.


 While living in Toronto as a student, her longing for deeper self-awareness and spiritual growth brought her to study Holistic Healing at the Transformational Arts College in 2005.  Discovering great resonance with Reiki as well as with the inner-workings of the energy body through Reflexology, she loved the empowerment she experienced through her own emotional self-healing and furthered  her studies to receive certification through the Horizon School of Natural Health in 2006. Two years later, she gained recognition as an established Certified Reflexology Health Practitioner through the Ontario College of Reflexology.