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 Fertility & Preconception Care


Naturopathic medicine can be a key part of optimizing fertility. Whether you are hoping to conceive in the near future and and looking for pre-conception care, or you are currently undergoing assisted reproductive techniques and treatments, naturopathic medicine can improve your chances of conception and carrying a healthy baby to term. Working with diet, lifestyle, herbal therapies and acupuncture, we can help those with unexplained fertility concerns, endometriosis, PCOS, POF, hormonal imbalances and irregular cycles.


As a Naturopath, I aim at understanding and treating the root cause of your challenges conceiving.  During our first visit I will take a thorough health history as well as look over any testing already done through other specialists or family physicians.  If no testing has been performed, I may suggest we explore hormone levels on specific days of your cycle or other factors that may be at play.


Once we have a better idea of the whole picture, a plan is discussed and we allow the body 3-6 months to restore it’s ability to conceive naturally.   A treatment plan will most likely include nutritional changes, herbal support, acupuncture and mind-body awareness.  My goal is to create balance and vitality in a holistic way with very gentle therapies.

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